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Some commonly faced problems in our current generation readers

Shortage of Time

Nowadays, We spend more time on the smartphone, social media platforms rather than reading a book. In the long run, this truly affects our relationship with books.

Fear of Learning

The majority of students have some hesitation with complicated subjects or lessons because they are unable to clear their doubts properly. Also, students who find a subject harder than others tend to neglect it.

Ongoing Pendemic

Pandemic of COVID-19 has dramatically changed our daily life. Most of the students are forced to stay inside their homes. This really affecting the future our education system.

Lack of Enlightenment

Not enjoying the books, students of the modern generation have become overly dependent on privet tutors. But, if the tutor fails to enlighten them properly they have no other way to judge because they don’t have sufficient ideas about the matter, resulting in bad marks.

How evo-learner can transform the way of learning?

Knowledge Sharing Database

We are creating an advanced knowledge-sharing database​ that can be directly accessed from our books to provide you a visual learning experience.​

Improved Book Layout

We came up with a whole new book layout that will draw the reader’s attention towards reading and learning.

Hassle-Free Interactive Experience

At Evo-learner, we are trying our best to deliver our audience an interactive and hassle-free experience, so they can effortlessly learn anything while saving their valuable time for other activities.

Online Student Support

Still, stuck anywhere? No problem, we got your back. Just send your query, and a team of experts will always be there to help you with your problem.

Some Of our
Key Features
You Might Consider Useful

Easy to Understand

Evo-Learner is a very user-friendly learning platform. Where we focus on every concept behind every topic, so you can have a clearer understanding of everything that you want to learn in the book.

Consumes Less Time

Using our online video sessions and expert support, you can learn much faster than ever with a little bit of your valuable time. And don’t worry, we’ll keep you motivated.

More Data-Less Space

We offer lighter yet more compact books that can compete with our current education system because the smart generation needs smart-books. Isn’t that right?


We believe in equal education, that’s why all you have to pay is for the book. There are no other subscriptions or hidden charges involved

Environment Friendly

Books need papers and papers made from chopping down essential trees that balance our environment. By improving the book layout, we can make books using less paper.

Stay up to date

As a startup, we are continually evolving, making new improvements each day. We will always keep you posted if there is an update.

We've Just Launched Our First Book

First of all, we would like to thank you for allowing us to serve you with a better learning experience. We believe this book could be an ideal companion for those who seek to learn Arithmetic very quickly and innovatively. Evo-learner is a virtual learning platform where you can visually learn almost anything directly from a book according to your taste. We are determined to make our books the vassal of knowledge as our work grow bigger by the day, so nobody loses their interest in reading, learning, and exploring. You are always welcome to be a part of this family.

Unlike conventional books, this book has created using a whole new concept. While using this book, you can have access to over 150 intuitive videos, which can be very helpful for clearing all your doubts about every chapter.

Though this book entitled as a competitive exam book, anyone ranging between 8th standard to graduation could easily understand and use this book. All you need is a smart-phone or a computer with an average internet connection on it.​

No, you don't have to pay for anything other than buying the book. You can access all the video links and QR codes as many times as you want.

Some of our active users
review on this book

Ranjan Halder


I bought this book a few days ago now I can defiantly say that my way of learning math has changed a lot. It’s time-saving and reliable for me to understand the concepts.

Sumit Paul


You should give it a try if you want to learn arithmetic from the core. I’m in the 10th standard, and I use this book as a reference book recommended by my tutor.

Mousumi Das


It’s a great and easy way to learn arithmetic while staying at home due to lock-down. Now I can solve problems that used to be hard for me. It’s definitely worth the money.

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