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Greetings, my name is Samrat Biswas founder of the project Evo-Learner and I’m about to tell you the reason behind creating “Books” that our current generation needs. Books that can improve our daily learning ability while saving valuable time. Let’s discuss this in detail.


- Our Mission -

To a new beginning of active learning 

We Understand Our
User Value

We take good care of each of our users as they provide value to our vision. Every single user is like a close friend and family to us.

We Are Always Listening
To You

Our relation to a customer doesn’t stop even after they purchase our book. While using our book, if anyone has a problem understanding anything, we will be there to help with their concerns.

Setting Your Mind
In The Right Direction

It is hard to focus when there are many distractions blocking your path. With Us you’ll Never get lost in the chaos.

Think Big and Aim

With Evo-learner, you can unlock your hidden potentials, because there are absolutely no obstacles to stop you now. 

Learn While Staying
In Your Comfort Zone

It doesn’t matter where you are or whatever you may be doing, Evo-learner will always be there whenever you need it.

Come meet us up close

Every one of our team members is devoted to make evo-learner a reality

Samrat Biswas

Founder of Evo-learner

Priyanka Biswas


Tonmay Biswas

Data Interpretation

Debargha Biswas

Technical Assistance

Animesh Sikder

Technical Support

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Santinagar, PO- Bengal Enamel,
North 24 PGS, Kol – 743122

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Phone : +9 1 8013111049

Email : educlans@evolearner.com

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MON-FRI 10:30 – 06:30

SAT-SUN – Email/Whatsapp only

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Is Scanning QR codes safe ?

At Evo Learner, we only use branded and much secure QR codes, these QR codes are fantastic for accessing data without worrying. However, there are risks with unknown/non-branded QR code use. They include possibly linking to an unsafe webpage that uses malware or malicious content.

What to do if I noticed anything wrong/unexpected with the video or web-link ?

Whether it’s a technical or non-technical problem that you might be facing or there is a suggestion that you want to share with us, we always recommend you send us an email regarding your query/issue/suggestion (s). Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

If one or more code gets damaged, can I still scan them ?

Yes, in Educlans Mathematics, you can still scan a QR code if 15-30 % of the code get’s damaged. However, due to extensive damage, you may find it unusable, in that case, we recommend you to use the short web-link provided at the bottom of the page.

Is Evo-learner only based on Mathematics ?

No, Evo-learner is not limited only to Mathematics. You may consider Educlans Mathematics as a new beginning. But as our popularity goes up, we will expand more and bring new generation books from every corner.

Is there a limitation or expiry time for QR codes ?

There are no daily/monthly/yearly limitations to the QR codes (and any underlying short URLs) created by Evo-learner. These codes/URLs are permanent and will continue to function indefinitely. Although, A 3-month prior notice will be given to the users before taking any action(s).

Which book is going to be released next?​

We are currently planning on a full length advanced mathematic book. Also, we are working on video language expansion to increase the user base. Nevertheless, in order to succeed in this exciting journey, we always need your support and love.

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